Building my online presence

By: Khaled Nasseredin Now after I have built my website, my social media profiles including their visuals, what next. For Facebook I have made the Cover Photo and image, graphics posting templates and made some posts. I have done the same for the other 3 Networks. I opened a new Hootsuite account and started posting […]

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Don’t let your business be the best kept secret on LinkedIn

By: Khaled Nasseredin A lot of businesses are promoting their businesses on Facebook only, however when it comes to B2B the most useful social media site is LinkedIn. Here is why: Linkedin: is structurally prepared to accommodate companies and employees within companies, so if you want to know employees in a certain company, all you […]

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Online Business in Real Estate

By: Khaled Nasseredin You might be a business owner or marketer in the real estate business, and you might as well be a business man or entrepreneur wanting to enter the business of real estate from the online perspective, you might know how to start or you might not. This article is for you anyhow […]

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